About Us


Attainment Home Buyer, 743 E Broadway #181, Louisville, Ky 40202

Do you need to sell your house quickly, or can’t sell it conventionally? We may be able to help. We’re real estate investors in the Louisville, KY area who specialize in fast solutions. If your situation demands that you must sell, we strongly suggest that you contact us. We are efficient and reliable.

     We help you sell for cash, with no fees or commissions, in As-Is condition, creating a solution for your real estate problem.

     If working with us is not in your or our best interest, we can recommend a next step for you. It’s your property, your decision. We are here to help make the transaction go as smoothly as possible.

     Please go to the contact page and fill in your contact information, the address of the property, any repairs and updates it may need and the best time to reach you, along with any concerns you may have.

     Thank you for your time and for considering Attainment Home Buyer.